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Better organise document management activities, minimising business impact

How to optimize business document management activities?

The structured, digital management of business documents (accounting, tax, contractual, management, etc.) is a mandatory prerequisite for organisations wishing to embark on a digital transformation path as well as a key element in sustainability.


The Repository and Document Management module, integrated within the AI Document Platform, allows you to classify, store, share, visualise and analyse business documents. In addition, customised document templates can be saved to be used according to the needs of different professional areas, such as Administration, Legal, HR and Operations. The module can be integrated with various systems, such as SAP ERP, SAP Concur, Microsoft and Salesforce.

Integrated cloud document management

The cloud repository allows you to easily and securely create, view, allocate, share, download and delete files and folders. Create a customised storage structure, manage document versions, and integrate the repository with your company ERP to facilitate data exchange.

Secure and controlled document sharing

Share documents with customers, suppliers, banks and consultants easily and securely. Configure access to workspaces according to your organisation's needs, e.g. by group company, function or other.

Customisable document metadata

Each document is identified by a document type and specific metadata. Metadata is additional information that makes the document unique. During configuration, it is possible to define which metadata is mandatory and which is optional.

Advanced Search

Advanced filters allow detailed searches on documents stored in the repository, based on criteria such as upload date, last modification, format, document number or total amount. Advanced filters allow you to improve your document management efficiency.

Is AI Document Platform the right solution for you?

AI Document Platform is the ideal solution for corporate areas such as administration, tax, legal, purchasing, etc., with a high volume of documents to be archived and stored.

The solution is aimed at Groups, Structured Organisations and private individuals, even in international contexts, who need to manage electronic documentation and dematerialise paper by sharing documents and their versions with individual users and/or groups of users.

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