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Transaction Monitoring Solution

The tool anti-fraud monitoring
and management tool

How to improve and simplify control and fraud prevention activities

Experience has taught us that control and fraud prevention activities take up a considerable amount of time and resources. Simplifying this process and making control actions more efficient is now possible with Transaction Monitoring Solution.


What is Transaction Monitoring Solution?

It is a tool to support control and business functions to detect and investigate anomalous transactions and situations that could cause harm to the Company in a timely manner. It is based on advanced and automated analysis of structured data from any source by constructing risk indicators.

To whom is the Transaction Monitoring Solution addressed?

Transaction Monitoring Solutions aims to support companies and their regulators in all day-to-day activities to ensure compliance and avoid potential errors and fraud.

Features and Benefits

securityCompliance and risk reduction
  • Improves and streamlines fraud monitoring and control activities in a rapid, structured and customised manner.
doneDetailed and customized analysis
  • Allows anomaly analysis and case-by-case verification of false alarms, fraud, process errors and anomalies.
autorenewCommunication Flow Management
  • Conceived in modules and having a highly articulated profiling, this tool can unite all control functions in one place.
dashboardReporting and historical archive
  • Access to anomaly history so that trends can be identified and any anomalies anticipated over time.

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