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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Give your organisation the resources to intercept and respond effectively to cyber threats.

Key considerations


of CEOs consider Cyber Crime as the main threat of 2023


of CEOs plan to increase investments in cybersecurity and privacy


is the increase in the total number of ransomware victims in the first half of 2023 compared to the previous year

How to stay updated on the cyber threat landscape?

Today’s cybersecurity challenges are unlike any we’ve experienced before. The guiding principles have shifted. The rules of the game are no longer obvious. Today’s challenges require more than the expected — seeing beyond today to manage the risks and disruptions of tomorrow. 

That’s why we deliver an innovative combination of human ingenuity and technologies to assess the global threat landscape.  The Threat Intelligence Portal provides threat intelligence feeds that are useful and applicable to all levels of the company, from Top Management to IT analysts.

Discover our Threat Intelligence offering

To assist you in analysing threats and improving your cyber posture, we offer a solution that delivers threat intelligence reports focused on the most relevant and contemporary threats and vulnerabilities.

The offering is divided into two tiers: Basic and Advanced.

  • Basic Tier provides access to threat intelligence reports focusing on global threat trends and key vulnerabilities for each industry. These reports quickly and effectively provide an overview of the threat landscape and can be used immediately to improve corporate defences.
  • The Advanced Tier provides, in addition to the Basic Tier, custom reports prepared by PwC analysts and focused on company-specific threats and vulnerabilities. This Tier also allows for specific ad-hoc activities such as deep & dark web searches, data leakage detection, and analysis of an organisation's attack surface.

Is this the right solution for you?

The service supports both technical and executive contacts in IT and security departments, more specifically:

  • Top Management, such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO);
  • Operational Management, such as Information Security Manager and SOC Manager;
  • IT staff, such as System Administrators and SOC analysts.


Supports interception and effective response to a variety of cyber threats

Helps understand attackers' motivations and methods of operation

Improves cyber posture and provides threat visibility at all levels of the enterprise

Increases defences against cyber crime, insider, and advanced persistent threat (APT) groups

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