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Third Party Analyzer

Helping you protect and develop your business

How to reduce your company’s reputational risks?

In an increasingly complex and globalised environment, companies interact daily with a growing number of counterparties. But how well do you know them? It is crucial to know who you work with, the people who control the counterparties and all those related parties, identifying early on anomalies and potential risks to which you are exposed, in order to protect your business.

What is Third Party Analyzer?

A technologically advanced solution aimed at the massive analysis of third parties (suppliers, customers, agents, etc) with whom you collaborated (or intend to collaborate) in order to increase the knowledge on them and identify anomalies and potential risks, so-called red flags.

Third Party Analyzer can also be accessed through a user license, allowing to immediately obtain, in a structured, documented and summarised manner, all the corporate, economic, financial and reputational information needed to manage and reduce counterparty risks. 

Is Third Party Analyzer the right solution for you?

This is the right solution for medium to large enterprises, investment funds, banks and insurance companies, including purchasing, sales, internal audit, compliance, CFO and legal departments.

Features and Benefits

Plurality of owned databases and/or accessible by license

  • the tool stands out for the richness of available databases, for the exclusivity of information thanks to exclusive contracts with some info providers;
  • the plurality of available databases allows the carrying out of Reputational Due Diligence analyses on physical and legal persons, both Italian and foreign;
  • the reputational analysis (bad news/adverse media) are carried out through an Artificial Intelligence platform for the management and processing of information, structured and unstructured, both in Italian and in English.

Real-time reporting and completeness of information

  • key information is available within minutes and in a structured, documented and summarised manner;
  • The depth of analysis guarantees completeness and accuracy of information and data in order to have all the necessary elements to make the most appropriate decisions.

Protecting Brand Reputation

  • This tool allows you to increase your knowledge of the counterparties you work or intend to work with, the people who control them and all those related parties, identifying anomalies and potential risks to which you are exposed.

Cost reduction and optimisation

  • The engineering of the analysis activities allows to significantly reduce the administrative costs dedicated to this type of analysis, guaranteeing at the same time quality, transparency and process compliance.