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Nudge for Innovation

The gentle nudge to innovate

How to enable a journey towards innovation within your organisation?

Innovation is a systemic process consisting of relationships, which must take into account the organisational and community context within which it is created. It is therefore important, when talking about programmes designed to foster a culture of innovation within an organisation, to build pathways that actively and increasingly involve people. Nudge for Innovation lays a fertile ground for innovation activities: on one hand to sow and cultivate innovation while, on the other hand supporting the generation of new ideas.

What is Nudge for Innovation?

The initiative Nudge for Innovation enables organisations to enhance creativity and skills. Companies will be supported in seizing new business opportunities and to improve their internal efficiency, through a structured and proven approach of research and development of new solutions and paradigms. Hence, companies undertaking the Nudge for Innovation journey, will be able to engage their employees, start-ups and other players within their ecosystem in order to collect ideas and manage their development through Brightidea, a digital innovation management platform.

Does Nudge for Innovation suit your needs?

Whether you are a Small or medium enterprise, or a large national or international player, Nudge for innovation is a service designed for those wishing to activate or foster a process of creation of new solutions through the involvement of people and organisations and by enhancing their most innovative skills and capabilities.

Features and Benefits

Develop new working methods and solutions

  • Deliver new approaches enabling people to work with a shared and effective methodology;
  • Support the implementation of a methodology to create new solutions, products and services valuable for your business. 
  • Promote continuous improvement of the company and radical innovation.

Optimise innovation through digital tools

  • Reduce the time needed to run innovation journeys by exploiting the potential of digital innovation management platforms (Brightidea);
  • Increase people's engagement in innovation processes by implementing communication and idea-gathering systems.

Value people and teams

  • providing a focal point where they can express their creativity;
  • Promote collaboration to overcome the silos effect and improve the management of your innovation portfolio by increasing synergies between multidisciplinary teams.

Attract new competencies

  • Launch Open Innovation projects to scout new ideas and solutions from external parties;
  • Source talents who can offer and implement valuable innovative solutions for your company.