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My Work Diary

Improve the way your employees work

How to recover efficiency by helping your employees to work better?

Having an up-to-date and complete overview of team activities, time use and inefficiencies is crucial to understanding which activities can be simplified, redistributed or eliminated. In order to continuously improve the performance of team members and team leaders, each employee needs full visibility on how time is spent and on areas of potential improvement.

What is My Work Diary?

My Work Diary is a time and performance improvement tool that enables managers to realise the full potential of their operations, increasing productivity, improving customer satisfaction and staff engagement. 

The solution provides a common quantified view of work and capacity, enabling teams to collaborate and deliver optimal operational performance and promote continuous improvement in operations.

Is My Work Diary the right solution for you?

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, with national or international operation, this solution will help your employees, team leaders and managers in administrative and clerical functions to have a real-time, shared view of their work and how they manage their time and activities.

Features and Benefits

Visibility of activities and time spent

  • Each employee can record the activities carried out during the day in maximum detail;
  • Team leaders have daily and periodic reporting on time and activity dimensions.

Identification of areas of intervention

  • The dashboards and reporting allow peaks and gaps to be identified, showing imbalances in task allocation;
  • The possibility to identify process inefficiencies by analysing task handling times.

Monitoring of efficiency KPIs

  • It allows the monitoring of the efficiency KPIs following the implementation of process reengineering actions.