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Football Strategy Tool

Measure investments and generate stakeholder value by comparing the performance of Football Clubs in real-time.

How to measure investments and create stakeholder value?

Effectively extracting and representing benchmarking data for financial and industrial monitoring and planning and for reporting either to governing bodies or shareholders requires considerable time, effort and resources.

For more than 10 years, PwC has been publishing an economic-financial and statistical observatory dedicated to Italian professional football as a whole, the "Report Calcio". Starting from this study, PwC has developed a web-based tool called the Football Strategy Tool that helps supporting the management of football clubs in making real-time strategic decisions to measure their financial, sporting and fan engagement performance and investment, considering the competitive landscape, and creating value for their stakeholders.

The value is in the detail

The additional value of the tool lies in the available detail of economic/financial data (granularity of information available down to the individual balance sheet line) interpolated and correlated to sports results, value and age of the rosters, player trading and statistical data on the fan base. The PwC Football strategy tool is a dynamic instrument constantly evolving.

The Football Strategy Tool condenses into a single tool:

More than 10 years of historical statistical and financial data (from the 2009/2010 season) on 70+ Serie A and Serie B clubs and historical statistical and financial data of the main European first and second divisions. Overall, data of 9 Championships are included.

Over 40 dynamic dashboards that can be tailored to the user's needs

Over 25 KPIs to help you analyse economic and financial correlations, the evolution of the fan base and its engagement, commercial data such as attendance and ticketing, and monitor compliance indicators.

The evolution of the value of the clubs' rosters, with details for each player and their contracts’ expiration date, to provide a relevant parameter for the definition of the clubs' management incentives. Correlated by statistical data relating to player trading and the technical performances of individual players.

Get to know our solution

We developed an overview of the European football market and at the same time detailed statistical data on the individual Clubs so as to provide a complete picture of the economic/competitive context of the reference sector for the benefit of public, private and/or institutional stakeholders. This is to support the optimisation of the planning and sustainability capabilities in the medium term of Clubs and to increase the attractiveness of the entire sector.

For whom is the Football Strategy Tool

Through the Football Strategy Tool, PwC supports the management (CEOs, CFOs, Business Area Managers, CMOs, etc.) and the management of Serie A and Serie B football clubs in defining their strategic plans and monitoring their performance against the trend of the market in which they operate. At the same time it acts as a knowledge and market analysis platform for potential investors.

Features and Benefits

Correlation of results and other statistics

  • Correlation of sporting results, economic-financial performance and value and age of the rosters (view both at the level of Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet for both League and Club)
  • Value, age and contracts’ expiration date of the rosters (distinction of own and on loan players) and player trading
  • Fanbase (stadium attendance, ticketing, benchmarking, social network analysis: followers, posts, likes, engagement rate)

Economic and financial analysis

  • Income Statement (overall view, for League, for Club, and direct benchmarking)
  • Balance Sheet (overview, for League, for Club, and direct benchmarking)
  • Profitability Analysis (overall view, for cluster of interest)


  • KPIs (overall view, for League, for Club, direct benchmarking, clustering into financial, economic and operational KPIs)

Our Recommendations

ReportCalcio 2023

Annual Report on Italian Football, developed by the FIGC Study Center in collaboration with AREL (Agency for Research and Legislation) and PwC.


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