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How to manage the risks related to brands’ commercial development

How to reduce the risk of economic losses resulting from the improper use of the brand

Entrusting the commercial development of your brand to your licensees entails several risks, such as: failure to exploit the strategic opportunities existing on the market;

  • difficulties in harmonising and optimising the contractual framework underlying all the licensing management activities;
  • difficulties in verifying the constant respect of contractual agreements by the licensees and, in particular, potential underreporting in the turnover declared;
  • difficulties in the administrative and contractual management of the licences portfolio.
Managing and preventing such risks is crucial to make your brand stronger and more recognisable.


What is evoLicensing?

evoLicensing is the new web-based solution for organising, collecting, verifying and analysing data received from the licensees. evoLicensing is a user-friendly tool that optimises the royalty management process and offers a centralised archiving, reporting and Business Intelligence system.

Is evoLicensing the right solution for you?

evoLicensing is the solution for all the organisations that license their intellectual property rights. In particular, it is perfect for companies that need to organise, rationalise and monitor activities supporting their brand development.


Features and Benefits

assessmentOptimisation of the licence management process
  • Time-consuming activities (i.e. checking, standardization and consolidation of Royalty Reports) are carried out directly by evoLicensingl. Hence, the organisations’ employees can focus on more value-added activities, such as developing and consolidating the licensing strategy;
  • The data processed by the tool allows an organic analysis of the licenses portfolio;
  • Centralised archive: information about each licensee and each contract is structured and stored in one place;
  • Continuous and timely communication with the licensees is allowed through a messaging and reminder system.
widgetsSimple and fully customisable reporting
  • The versatility of evoLicensing allows total customisation, while maintaining the specifics of each individual licence agreement;
  • The reporting is structured in such a way as to provide all the information needed for strategic decisions in a concise manner;
  • Based on different dimensions of analysis, the licensor can aggregate the data in a quick and fast manner.
check_circleCorrect and verified royalty reporting by the licensee
  • Verification of the mathematical accuracy of the Royalty Reports;
  • Verification of the consistency between the Royalty Reports and the main contractual provisions;
  • Timely identification of misconduct by the licensees.
searchContinuous monitoring
  • Through the continuous monitoring of the achieved results, it allows timely intervention with specific and targeted solutions for each specific licensee;
  • The cross-checking between the licensee and the licensor data enables the latter to identify any anomalies, such as unauthorised products sold, counterfeit products, etc.

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