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Measure and assess corporate sustainability

Guide your company towards a more sustainable future, measure and elevate your environmental, social and governance impact.

Discover your company’s ESG maturity

In recent years, environmental, social and governance sustainability has become an increasingly important concern for many companies, investors, consumers and society at large.

Public pressure and government regulation have increased and are pushing companies to demonstrate a real commitment to sustainability. 

More about ESG Company Profiler

An innovative tool that will help you assess your corporate sustainability in a simple and comprehensive way. Using an assessment model based on key indicators, ESG Company Profiler allows for the identification of areas for improvement and plan concrete actions to improve sustainability. The tool also offers detailed reports that allows you to monitor your company’s progress over time and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Is this solution right for you?

If your company wants to commit to a path towards sustainable business, ESG Company Profiler is the ideal approach, regardless of the size of your business. 

Features and Benefits

Accurate and effective ESG assessment

  • Questionnaire questions carried out based on the main standards in the field of sustainability (United Nations Global Compact, GRI Standards, ISO 26000, SDGs);
  • Historisation of questionnaires, comparing trends and results over time, (accountability section).

ESG Communication and Transparency

  • It allows you to communicate your ESG profile to your management, customers, investors and other stakeholders. It also helps highlight areas for improvement and progress, thus demonstrating the company's transparency and commitment to sustainability.

Reporting management and continuous improvement

  • Simplified and structured reporting with recommendation section to have continuous improvement and achieve best practices in sustainability.


An integrated approach to sustainability, from strategy to execution

ESG Platform

ESG is the acronym that summarises the reference issues that a company must consider from a sustainability perspective, taking into account both the influence it generates in the surrounding ecosystem and the influences it suffers from it according to the three dimensions of environmental, social and governance.

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