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DAC6 Smart Reporting 2.0

The simple solution for DAC6 compliance

How to meet the requirements of DAC6?

The DAC6 reporting requirement includes a requirement to report cross-border arrangements that exhibit certain distinguishing characteristics known as "Hallmarks". In this context, although the tax advantage is not always considered relevant for DAC6 reporting purposes, managing this reporting requirement ensures adherence to tax compliance, avoiding penalties and reputational risks.

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What is DAC6 Smart Reporting 2.0?

It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage and document, efficiently, your DAC6 compliance activities according to European regulations. A dedicated workflow will guide you through all relevant stages of the compliance process, facilitating collaboration within your organisation.

Is DAC6 Smart Reporting 2.0 the right solution for you?

DAC6 Smart Reporting 2.0 is dedicated to organisations that need to ensure reportable transactions are identified, analysed, and transmitted to tax authorities within regulatory deadlines.

Features and Benefits

Optimisation of processes

  • Efficient workflow and monitoring at entity level
  • Analysis of mechanisms and generation of DAC6 reports in XML

Cross-country reporting

  • Analysis and preparation of reports according to national requirements
  • Production of reports coordinated among the different actors involved

Maximum flexibility

  • Customisable questionnaires and modular tools
  • Ready-to-use web application

Access to the PwC Network

  • Direct access to PwC’s tax knowledge network