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Identify vulnerabilities in your technology assets to reduce cyber risks

Check your cyber security and possible weaknesses that can be exploited by attackers.

Are my IT assets vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Security testing of IT applications and systems is nowadays a necessary and essential activity to reduce the risks of cyber attacks on company assets; security vulnerabilities often introduce 'access points' for malicious users and can lead to serious consequences for the company's operations and reputation; through the Cyber Technical Assessment tool, a security test can be performed to detect and remove vulnerabilities.

More about Cyber Technical Assessment

The Cyber Technical Assessment tool runs a security test on the applications and IT systems discussed with the customer and produces a technical report detailing all the weaknesses identified.

Within the report you will be able to see the weaknesses found, the supporting evidence, the risks associated with those weaknesses and our recommendations for appropriate mitigation. This will enable you to reduce cyber security risks associated with your IT assets.


Speed in implementing equipment and obtaining results

Automation of the assessment and easy technical activities management

Quality control of the output by one of our PwC professionals

"Post reporting" support to allow for a better understanding of the vulnerabilities found and for the management of the remediation plan.

Is this solution right for you?

If you are new to this type of activity or are looking for an effective tool for quick and quality-controlled results from PwC-certified resources, the Cyber Technical Assessment is the ideal solution for you.

Do you have a small or medium enterprise with a turnover of less than 100M€? This solution will help you understand the security vulnerability of your technology assets to reduce cyber risks.