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Embarking on the new era of data driven Cyber Risk reporting

Optimise the maturity level of your Cyber Risk management process, enhancing the effectiveness of risk communications and decision making strategies.

Measure and manage cyber risk in your organisation

While the growth of digitisation enables companies to create new opportunities and business models, at the same time inevitably leads to an increase in their attack surface and subsequently cyber risks.

We identified an increased need for a structured reporting process that allows for effective, clear and timely communication to top management on the cyber risk landscape and on possible response strategies. Reports need to be data driven focusing on threat and risk to show incremental improvements and value from investments. 

Our Cyber Risk Reporting Platform helps you to generate a concise, accurate and compelling view of the main cyber risks to which your company is exposed and with which to enhance the effectiveness of your cyber risk communication and management process, guiding the top management in the decision making process.

More about the Cyber Risk Reporting Platform

This platform enables the measurement and management of cyber risks by assessing all cyber risk components: cyber threats, technological as well as organisational safeguards (capabilities), impact on the business, mitigation actions with relative priorities and monitoring progress.

To support each of these components, the tool includes libraries compiled on the basis of the main and most up-to-date reference standards and best practices (e.g., ISO 27001, NIST CSF), guaranteeing the possibility of customisation and integration.

As part of the tool we provide reporting templates useful for gaining insights on relevant cyber threats and risks to support communication with top management and the decision-making processes.

Is this tool for you?

Understanding where you are in your cyber risk reporting journey, as well as the acceleration of your cyber journey, are essential. Whether you are just starting to manage cyber risks or already have a structured and formalised cyber risk management process in place, our solution will help you adopt the necessary optimisations to reach the desired level of maturity and help you close the gap between cyber risks and the business.

If you are approaching cyber risk management and need to define in an agile and structured way your organisation's cybersecurity maturity level against the main reference standards, you can refer to the tool developed by PwC, Connected Risk Engine

How it works

The PwC Cyber Risk Reporting Platform can be deployed directly on premise in your environment with all supporting documentation and operational guidance kit or, alternatively, it can be accessed on PwC's Workbench platform via a dedicated URL.

The tool provides a series of flexible as weel as customisable dashboards that will help you assess how well you are prepared to manage cyber risks:


Strengthening security posture

Identifying the security controls or technologies to implement to mitigate cyber risks to improve your company's cybersecurity posture.

Cost-benefit optimisation

Prioritising cyber risk investment and treatment strategies in line with the priorities, costs and benefits of mitigation initiatives.


Increased transparency and strengthening of the decision making in relation to handling risks through a comprehensive and structured set of data and information accessible to top management.

Cyber risk-aware culture

Strenghten the understanding of your cyber risks and support the creation of a cyber risk-aware culture.