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Corporate Secretarial Assistant

Computerised Management of Corporate Affairs

Efficiently managing Corporate Affairs

The management of corporate bodies’ meetings and corporate transactions requests several preparatory activities of collecting, managing and sharing related documents.

What is Corporate Secretarial Assistant?

It is a flexible, highly-customisable, multilingual cloud-based software, which allows the execution and supervision of ordinary or extraordinary corporate transactions through the dynamic configuration of workflows.

The software enables you to:


Be supported while drawing up notices of call, minutes, reports and other documents, directly dispatching them to the relative recipients.


Supervise the composition and expiry of corporate bodies' members and the structure of the group, allowing a constant and timely update of the relevant information.


Store all documents relating to corporate governance in a structured way and in a single digital repository, thus saving time in reviewing and sharing documents.


Manage implementation activities of corporate bodies’ decisions through the setup of follow-ups (e.g., transmission of communication to Supervisory Authorities).

Is Corporate Secretarial Assistant the right solution for you?

Corporate Secretarial Assistant is designed for General Counsels, Corporate Affairs Offices, and Corporate compliance/M&A teams willing to innovate and automate procedure, reducing repetitive activities and optimising the management of resources and information flows.

Features and Benefits

Flexible and automated reports

  • Check the execution status of corporate transactions and meetings at group and entity level.
  • Send updates on the conclusion of the decision-making process to Division Managers.
  • Benefit from updated calendars with automated alerts.
  • Manage both group and entity reporting.

Up-to-date corporate data

  • Manage data of each company (share capital, percentage of participation in other companies, etc.) and of corporate bodies’ members (specific body, appointment and expiration dates, etc.).
  • Prepare the group chart in light of corporate information within the tool.

Timely Meeting Management

  • Supervise all procedural steps through the division of meetings into stages.
  • Prepare checklists of relevant documents concerning the companies’ meetings.
  • Share documents with Directors and other recipients.

Standardised Documentation

  • Draw up any type of corporate resolution, power of attorney, report, appraisal, etc., in accordance with applicable law and subsequent dispatch of the document by means of the tool (email or certified email).
  • Create templates of corporate documents that can be subsequently reused.