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Corporate Income Tax

The digital solution for Corporate Income Tax

How to make tax process management more efficient

Taxation, the compilation of tax returns and monthly closings require a great use of resources within the company. PwC’s Corporate Income Tax solution helps to streamline these activities by minimising and facilitating the management of the various processes underlying the calculation of direct taxes.

Corporate Income Tax

The Corporate Income Tax process is a digital solution that supports the management of the IRES, IRAP and Consolidated Tax processes, facilitating monthly closings, infra-annual operations and the compilation of the relevant tax returns (Modello Unico, Modello IRAP and Modello CNM).

Is Corporate Income Tax the right solution for you?

Corporate Income Tax is aimed at SMEs and Large Enterprises as well as Multinational Organisations, in particular at teams who want to innovate and automate their tax management processes in order to minimise the expenditure of energy and resources and reduce the risk of error.

Automation of tax processes

Automated management of tax processes through different scenarios (i.e., monthly, yearly, etc.), allowing the consultation of up-to-date dated reports.

Efficient data processing

Processing of both actual and forecasted data through different management phases.

Optimisation of calculation parameters

Carrying out activities to capture accounting data and the automatic recovery of the initial balances from a previous scenario, for the management of optimal calculation parameters.

Definition of Fiscal Rules

Identification of individual Fiscal Rules that determine the increase/decrease variations and the management of prepaid and deferred taxation.

Automatic and structured reports

Representation of the outputs in flows for the accounting of the processing carried out or the summary of the main declaration frameworks (RF, RN, GN, RQ, RU, IC, IR, DTA/DTL).

Certification calculation scenario

Validation of the calculation scenario, through a specific Certification step, allowing the historicization of the inserted data.