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Center of Excellence as-a-Service

Outsource the digitization process with complete security, keeping technology investment as low as possible.

Is digitizing manual and repetitive tasks and processes in full-outsourcing, enabling new services that were previously unsustainable, possible?

Recent extraordinary events, including pandemics, geopolitical tensions, rising interest rates, and the cost of raw materials and energy, bring more and more challenges to the business fabric; companies are increasingly focused on controlling costs and more focused on transforming and making their business models more resilient and flexible, through technology.

Why choose a Center of Excellence as-a-Service?

PwC's Center of Excellence as-a-Service speeds up the digitization of tasks and processes, accelerating the traditional digitization process in an affordable, scalable and ROI-monitorable way.

No investment in technology setup

  • PwC provides its IT infrastructure to implement automations, working with the client to securely exchange data

Immediate start of the innovation process

  • PwC's methodologies and tools are ready-to-use
  • End-to-end support, from employee training to results monitoring

Success Fee to promote customer breakeven

  • Low pricing for service setup and solution implementation: PwC's remuneration is based on achieving real benefits for the client.

Who is the Center of Excellence as-a-Service aimed at?

The service is aimed at SMEs and large enterprises interested in automating computer-based, highly repetitive operational activities based on mature and stable rules and processes.

PwC's automation expertise cuts across numerous business functions and activities-including Administration Finance & Control, Compliance & Risk Management, Corporate Sustainability

Human Capital Learning & Development, Sales & Marketing, Legal and Tax Area.

      Learn about some of the types of solutions we have already developed

      Document processing

      • they speed up the processes of interacting with documents in reading and writing through standard text compilation, document comparison and information extraction;
      • they are ideal solutions for contracts and forms.

      Interaction with web and computer systems

      • help automate repetitive, standard and less stimulating tasks, improving their speed and accuracy;
      • some examples of such interactions may be periodic monitoring of internal and external sources, automatic sending of emails and notifications, and massive document offloading.

      Analysis and representation of databases

      • manage enterprise information sources with powerful analytics engines and create effective representations that provide business insights;
      • key digitizable use cases include database reconciliation, file conversion, track compilation, and dashboard and report production.