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Advanced Regulatory Impact Tool

Regulatory detection and impact analysis for the financial sector

Achieving regulatory compliance without increasing costs?

The increasing number and complexity of financial regulations makes it difficult to manage regulatory obligations without incurring increased costs. Failure to correctly identify regulatory updates and their impacts, or to do so in a timely manner, creates significant reputational and other risks, which can have significant effects on financial institutions.

Advanced Regulatory Impact Tool

This tool, based on the General Linguistic Platform, is PwC's Artificial Intelligence solution dedicated to the identification of regulatory updates and the analysis of their impacts on regulations, policies, processes and organisational units of financial institutions.

It performs an automatic analysis on all available information, creating a model based on a common taxonomy derived from regulations. The end result is a comprehensive view of the level of compliance with regulations, internal policies and an organisation-wide impact analysis, generated with an efficient approach that leverages the reduction of manual activities, while providing a deeper understanding of possible future regulatory trends.

The right solution for your company?

The Advanced Regulatory Impact Tool is aimed at supporting small and large financial institutions that intend to keep up to date with current regulations issued by the main Authorities with a future-proof-compliance approach.

Organisational and process Impact analysis

  • Possibility of inserting one's process tree and organisational structure into the tool or using the standard ones already included(e.g. ABI process tree).
  • The impact analysis allows you to select the regulatory document of interest and identify the processes and organisational structures impacted, allowing the identification of regulatory compliance interventions.

Automatic detection of regulations

  • Continuous monitoring of the sources of funding authorities for the automatic detection and identification of newly published documents.
  • Automatic insertion of the newly published documents into a single document repository that consolidates the entire body of relevant regulations into a single, user-navigable site with a history of previous regulatory versions.

Identification of regulatory trends

  • Monitoring websites, news and social media channels for trending topics in regulatory whitepapers, studies, newsletters, press releases and blogs, analysing the evolution of trends over time, proactively identifying future areas subject to the regulator's attention.

Regulatory Impact Analysis

  • Possibility of inserting in the tool one's own internal regulations (guidelines, policies, procedures, etc.) through massive upload or through connection to the company repository to start the impact analysis.
  • The impact analysis allows you to select the regulatory document of interest and compare it to an internal policy document thanks to the suggestions of relevance provided by the tool or through search filters, allowing you to identify gaps in the internal regulations on which to intervene.

Semantic Search

  • Retrieval of regulatory documents through a search engine based on semantic technology that analyses the content of every single document stored and retrieves with precision the term searched.
  • Possibility to refine the search using automatic suggestions and drill-down filters and view the main topics extracted according to a conceptual map with the relative interrelations.

Track Change

  • Comparison between two versions of the same regulation (e.g. draft version versus final version, between two updates, etc.) or between two regulations (e.g. Circular 288 versus Circular 285), displaying the differences between the documents.