Optimise your tax compliance with precision and ease

Reduce tax risks and simplify corporate compliance management with one integrated solution.

Integrated Tax Compliance Management

ABITACS offers a comprehensive suite of tax compliance solutions. ABITACS Core covers all business stages, providing daily updates with ALERT and a detailed regulatory inventory with LEGAL INVENTORY. The RISK MATRIX and VISUAL ANALYTICS identify and analyse risky situations. ABITACS Assessment allows customisation and assessment of standard content on tax regulations, with different types of summary reports. Together, Core and Assessment optimise compliance, reducing risks and simplifying regulatory compliance. ABITACS enables companies to manage the complexity of compliance effectively, ensuring compliance and reducing potential legal penalties.

Effective Tax Compliance Management

ABITACS Core and ABITACS Assessment simplify the monitoring of tax regulations, reducing risks and facilitating compliance, essential for companies wishing to avoid penalties and legal problems.

Automatic regulatory updates

With ABITACS Assessment's automatic reporting service, you stay up-to-date on regulatory news relevant to your industry, avoiding errors and keeping your business compliant.

Customisation of audits and reports

ABITACS Assessment allows customisation of checks and reports, enabling companies to tailor the tax risk assessment process to their specific needs, improving the effectiveness and relevance of analysis.

Is it the right solution for you?

ABITACS is the ideal choice for a wide range of businesses and financial institutions wishing to successfully address the complexities of tax compliance and mitigate the risks associated with regulatory non-compliance. Our robust suite of tools offers effective resources to manage compliance challenges, ensuring that companies can operate in a compliant manner and minimising the potential negative consequences of non-compliance.

Features and Benefits

Efficiency and Tax Compliance

Regulatory Monitoring:

  • Receive daily updates on tax measures
  • Quickly identify relevant regulatory news
  • Maintain compliance with evolving regulations

Customisation of Controls


  • Limit the scope of subjects to your area of interest
  • Enrich alerts and regulations with internal communications
  • Customise suggested controls to business needs

Risk Assessment

In-depth Analysis

  • Identifies risk situations and impacted business processes
  • Proposes tailor-made mitigation measures
  • Assesses the effectiveness of implemented control measures

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