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Supervisory Body Assistant

The tool dedicated to Supervisory Bodies

How to improve and simplify the activities of the Supervisory Board?

Experience has taught us that the activities of the Supervisory Body require a considerable amount of time and resources. Making this process lean and efficient is now possible with Supervisory Body Assistant.

What is Supervisory Body Assistant?

A cloud-based solution aimed at supporting the Supervisory Body in its control activities on the effectiveness and actual implementation of the 231 Models.

Consisting of various modular functionalities, it provides the possibility of producing its own output, importing information flows from an integrated perspective.

Supervisory Body Assistant is based on criteria of traceability of activities at a time level, offering the possibility to produce customised reports and to interact between the various actors involved, also through the setting of alert systems and scheduling of activities.

Is Supervisory Body Assistant the right solution for you?

The Supervisory Body Assistant aims to support companies and their Supervisory Boards in all the activities needed to ensure compliance with the Legislative Decree 231/2001, providing different levels of access depending on the role: members of the Supervisory Body, project manager, owner of the processes involved.


Features and Benefits

assessmentOptimisation of information flows
  • Management of the periodic exchange of information with the Supervisory Body, in order to support its control activities on the degree of implementation of the 231 Model.
  • Management of the flow of communications (workflow) between the process and/or function managers and the members of the Supervisory Body with alerts/reminders if needed.
widgetsOptimisation of audit activities
  • Facilitate the supervisory activity of the Supervisory Body on the effectiveness of the 231 Model adopted, through specific checks on processes deemed to be at risk.
  • Definition of the Supervisory Body’s plan.
  • Notification to the process and/or function managers involved in the Supervisory Body’s plan on the audits concerning them, also through inclusion in the relevant calendar.
  • Management of the workflow between the process and/or function managers, the internal 231 Model manager and the members of the Supervisory Body with regard to the communications, documents necessary for carrying out the audit.
  • Definition of the action plan for the implementation of the suggestions emerging from the audit execution.
check_circleAutomation of Supervisory Body activities
  • Automatic scheduling of the activities of the Supervisory Body based on their plan.
  • Support in the preparation of the audit reports as well as the periodic report of the Supervisory Body furthermore to the notification to the administrative body and other bodies involved.
searchArchiving and traceability
  • Automates document management procedures by reducing low value-added activities and minimising organisational impact.
  • Track individual activities within the tool, making data exchange with company stakeholders secure and traceable.

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