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Soft Audit Insights

Insightful Internal Audit & Compliance Management

Digitising auditing & risk management activities by facilitating operations

Audit management tools are often not user-friendly, instead of facilitating the auditing process they slow it down, adding bureaucracy to normal operational activities. Soft Audit Insights' primary objective is to provide ease of use and flexibility to a comprehensive audit management tool, developed on the basis of real field experience and user feedback.

What is Soft Audit Insights?

Soft Audit Insights is PwC's cloud solution for the management of internal audit and follow-up processes. It provides internal audit functions with the opportunity to digitize activities in an integrated way, allowing your team and your stakeholders to know at all times what needs to be completed and who needs to ensure it, making the handover easier and your internal audit process faster.

  • Remote management
    Allows teams to record and archive all information and documents related to audit compliance, risk management and follow-up processes, ensuring that reporting activities are completed on time.

  • Collaboration
    Access for each of the team members ensuring transparency and better collaboration during all activities

  • Analusing and deepening audit activities
    Real-time information exchanged with the different stakeholders involved, allowing you to identify and investigate audit and activities beyond the deadline and facilitate the generation of customised reports

  • Cost Savings
    Reduces operational costs through remote management, centralisation of information and standardisation.

  • Ensuring data protection
    Resides on PwC's secure cloud-based platform and protects data and adds value through robust and scalable technology.


Is Soft Audit Insights the right solution for you?

Soft Audit Insights is primarily dedicated to all functions dealing with internal audit and control that need to digitise their activities quickly and easily. The user-friendly and intuitive tool can be used by both small functions and structured functions with intra-group management needs.


Features and Benefits

check_circleReal-time monitoring
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of activities and results achieved thanks to the Dashboard and Reporting sections.
  • Information available in real-time, allowing early identification of overdue actions, so that they can be resolved appropriately.
  • Eliminates the need for offline reporting and analysis and ensures analysis of results achieved under different points of focus through the customised reporting section.
widgetsCentralised management of activities
  • The tool enables the assignment and delegation of tasks, making it a facilitating tool for managing a large number of audits, even with a small team.
  • Ability to add progressive comments to actions to ensure better collaboration between team members.
  • Timely communication by reducing the redundancy of emails and messages from other tools.
assessmentDigitised process
  • Single repository with authorisation workflow functionality to review activities.
  • Tasks and testing, as well as remediation actions, are assigned to the responsible persons indicating the deadlines.
  • Information on findings and results obtained during audits and follow-ups are uploaded into the tool, observing critical issues, management responses and the related update process.
searchCustomised and remote user experience
  • Pre-filtered screens show only the information the user has access to, highlighting their specific responsibilities.
  • Enables optimisation of activity and remediation procedures through standardisation and definition of tasks and level of responsibility, ensuring time and cost savings.

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