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Outsourcing Assessment

Quickly intercept and manage potential risks related to outsourcing.

How to check your procurement compliance in a smart and easy way?

The management of potential risks underlying outsourced services, which are critical processes for contracting authorities and companies due to the numerous irregularities that can arise from them, can now be made faster and more efficient.

What is Outsourcing Assessment?

PwC’s Outsourcing Assessment is a tool designed to support the internal process of auto evaluation by public and private companies, with regards to the management and the monitoring of outsourced activities, with the aim to identify the areas in which any in-depth work is necessary to ensure proper risk management and protect governance from major responsibilities. Taking into account the recent regulatory changes in the field of procurement, with particular emphasis on the genuineness of the same as such, as well as their proper management .both from the point of view of joint and several liability and taxation and the protection of the safety of workers employed in private and public contracts of interest, and labour law in force, as well as public law, where relevant.



The right solution for you?

Outsourcing Assessment is the tool designed and created for all those who, over the years, have decided to outsource activities, services and supplies through contracting, and who today have the need, due to increasing regulatory and political importance, to better monitor the process, ensuring compliance and avoiding consequential civil, criminal and administrative liabilities.

Features and Benefits

trending_upConstant and simplified protection
  • Allows the adoption of a simple assessment model that is updated according to new legislation and case law, ensuring compliance of the processes underlying the services outsourced or about to be outsourced.
  • Helps to deepen the knowledge of the main defence tools to be used in case of need/emergency, aimed at reducing/eliminating the risk.
  • Facilitates internal training of all those involved based on the inputs/recommendations received.
doneEffective management of outsourced services
  • Allows any critical or non-compliant processes to be regularised more timely.
  • Facilitates the relationship with the supplier, both from a commercial and regulatory point of view, due to greater awareness of critical processes.
  • Allows, where deemed necessary, transparency in relations with authorities, boards of auditors, supervisory bodies, investors and trade unions.
searchCompliance and risk reduction


  • Helps to intercept risk elements arising from the incorrect management of service contracts, on the basis of applicable legislation, case law and practice.
  • Facilitates the identification of the main circumstances from which risks of liability and/or responsibility may arise.
  • Allows the identification of best practices to be adopted in the short to medium term in order to reduce potential risks.


visibilitySelf-assessment and corporate communication
  • Helps to identify risk elements arising from incorrect management of service contracts, based on applicable legislation and standards.
  • Facilitates the identification of the main circumstances from which liability risks may arise.
  • Helps identify the best strategy to be adopted in the short and medium term to reduce potential risks.

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