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Find Your Way

Grow your company's human capital

Listening to people's needs and aspirations in order to grow them

Find Your Way supports professional growth and, more generally, the development of people, using the most innovative methodologies. It offers a new digital coaching experience to increase awareness of individuals, promote personal growth, and generate and gather workforce insights.

What is Find Your Way?

It's a digital coach that through guided exercises and a progressive path of self-awareness helps to bring out needs, aspirations and skills beyond the traditional map of competencies.


Concretely, it helps individuals to:

  • Know themselves in a structured way and identify their areas of growth;

  • Define a strategy for growth and development within their organisation, supporting their intrinsic motivation and stimulating proactivity.

The HR function will be able to:

  • Have a rich dashboard to monitor and use information;

  • Use the information collected to get to know its people better, ensuring care and listening, as well as identifying potential opportunities for growth and/or reallocation;

  • Enhance individual or group coaching initiatives.

Is Find Your Way the right solution for you?

For individuals, it creates a digital journey of professional coaching;
For the HR function, it enriches the company's information assets.


Features and Benefits

labelIncrease internal mobility effectiveness
  • Allows you to identify the activities most congenial to individual employees, reducing resistance to change and the need for reskilling.
  • Helps to optimise investments in reskilling by directing people to the skills most congenial to them.
get_appGreater efficiency in getting to know new resources
  • In the case of massive grafting of new resources, it helps to quickly understand characteristics and ambitions, for more effective integration management.


group_workCareer development
  • Allows you to build career paths in line with people's actual skills and consistent with business needs.
doneSelf Empowerment
  • Allows you to create your own growth strategy based on real skills and aspirations.

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