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Documents and Sharing Assistant

Better manage the document management activities, minimising the organisational impact

How to optimise business document management activities?

The use of a document management solution is indispensable for all environments in which it is essential to manage a large number of documents and to share, archive and store them.

Documents and Sharing Assistant

It is the digital solution for securely collecting, classifying and archiving all documentation and related company data, including tax, accounting, equity and financial data.
This solution is able to aggregate all documents and related data through a system that allows integration with the management systems and applications used by the Company.
Documents and Sharing Assistant is organised into different folders divided into different levels, based on the type of file to be stored (e.g. invoices, books and minutes, communications, certified e-mails, etc.).
With Documents and Sharing Assistant you can:

  • share data and documents with company stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, banks, consultants, etc., who are specifically profiled and authorised;
  • customise the tree structure of the folders according to specific needs and the nature of the service;
  • exchange information with ERP systems and company management systems;
  • catalogue documents quickly and intuitively through the tagging for easy and immediate consultation;
  • search for documents using the standard and advanced functions for metadata, document classes, upload dates, etc.;
  • manage the versioning system of documents while sharing them between system users;
  • activate, where required, a compliant standard digital archiving and preservation service provided in outsourcing by an Agid accredited body and already compliant with the new regulations in force as of 1 January 2022 on digital storage.
  • keep the organisation's "archiving manual', in order to comply with current regulations on the formation, management and storage of computer documents.

Is Documents and Sharing Assistant the right solution for you?

Documents and Sharing Assistant is the ideal solution for business departments such as administration, tax, legal, purchasing, etc., with a high volume of documents to be filed and stored. The solution is aimed at structured groups and organisations, also in international contexts, which need to manage electronic documents and dematerialise paper by sharing documents and their versions with individual users and/or groups of users.


Features and Benefits

Automates document management procedures by reducing low value-added activities and minimising organisational impact
Provides customised workflow solutions to increase the level of efficiency and control over the process
Allows to store different types of documentation: tax, accounting, patrimonial, financial and other kinds
Minimises the risk of errors by versioning documents, ensuring greater control over the document sharing process
Tracks single activities within the tool, making data exchange with company stakeholders secure and traceable
Allows the dematerialisation of the entire company document archive through digital storage in compliance with the law and provided by an Agid accredited body

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