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Digital Document Platform

Better organize document management activities while minimizing business impact

How to optimize business document management activities?

Structured, digital management of business documents (accounting, tax, contractual, management, etc.), is a mandated prerequisite for organizations wishing to activate a digital transformation path as well as a key element in sustainability.

What is the Digital Document Platform

Digital Document Platform allows you to create and save customized document templates based on the specific needs of different business areas, such as Administration, Legal, HR, Operations). It also has approval workflows that can be configured according to the type of document and process to be managed.

With Digital Document Platform you can:

Secure and controlled document sharing

Share documents with customers, suppliers, consulting banks, with the ability to configure access to workspaces by group company, membership function, and more according to the needs of the organization.

Secure and controlled document sharing

Create, view, allocate, share, download and delete files and folders within the cloud repository by creating a structure that spans multiple business levels as needed, managing versioning of different documents and exchanging information with the corporate ERP.

Customizable document metadata

Each document is labeled with a document type and associated metadata that make it unique. During configuration, it is possible to define whether metadata should be optional and/or mandatory.

Advanced Search

Availability of advanced filters through which to perform detailed searches (e.g., upload date, last modification, format, document number, total amount etc.)

The modules of the Digital Document Platform

The Digital Document Platform is a scalable platform that, through the activation of specific modules, expands the functionality available to the organization, allowing it to also configure a Document Lifecycle Management tool and to manage the regulatory retention of multiple documents (invoices, books, records, expense reports, financial statements, etc.).

Is Digital Document Platform the right solution for you?

Digital Document Platform is the ideal solution for business areas such as administration, tax, legal, purchasing, etc., with a high volume of documents to be archived and stored.

The solution is aimed at Groups, Structured Organizations and individuals, including those in international contexts, who need to manage electronic documentation and dematerialize paper by sharing documents and their versions with individual users and/or groups of users.

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