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Cybersecurity Assessment

Measure your company's Cybersecurity and Privacy.

Increasing Cybersecurity Protection

With the constant increase in Cybersecurity and Privacy attacks and risks, it is increasingly important to keep control of the level of application of security measures on all company systems, especially those critical to your organisation.

This is why PwC has developed Cybersecurity Assessment, a digital and automated solution that simplifies and improves all phases of the assessment process, collection, processing of results and reporting.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity Assessment, through the use of intelligent engines, simplifies the administration of specific questionnaires in the field of Cybersecurity and Privacy, useful for Cyber Risk Assessment, Data Protection Impact Assessment and Cybersecurity Audit management.

Through the use of proprietary algorithms, the answers obtained are processed at different levels of aggregation in order to convert the results into simple and structured reporting for the management of remediation actions.



  • Immediate and clear visualization of the progress of all surveys created in the system.
  • Visualization within a single report of the evaluation of the surveys for each security measure.
  • Summary of the results obtained for each completed survey.

  • Guided creation and compilation of surveys related to the security measures implemented on each system/application used by the company.
  • List of the surveys created for each system/application with relevant information on the completion status and progress percentage.
  • Ad hoc configuration of the surveys according to the characteristics of the different systems.
Final Evaluation
  • Evaluation details for each security measure and system.
  • Assignment of "weights" to each answer given within the questionnaire.
  • Evaluation report for each completed survey.
  • Role Type configuration.
  • Respondent Allocation.
  • Configuration of different weights for Questions and Answers within the survey.

To whom is the Cybersecurity Assessment addressed?

The Cybersecurity Assessment is designed for organisations of any industry sector and size with a need to structure security and privacy maturity assessment processes. It is ideal for corporate figures such as CISOs and Cybersecurity functions, as well as DPOs, Compliance and Audit and IT functions. Thanks to the wide range of customisation possibilities, it is able to manage ad hoc questionnaires of any kind, not only in the cybersecurity and privacy fields.

Features and Benefits

securityData Collection and Reporting
  • Simplify data collection and elaboration processes compared to the use of email and excel sheets.
  • Historicization of questionnaires, comparing the trend of results over time, (accountability section).
doneConfigurability of Questionnaires
  • Possibility of managing and configuring different questionnaires, open or multiple answers, or conditional questions.
autorenewIntegration with Privacy Assistant
  • Integration with the Privacy Assistant tool of the Legal Digital Suite in order to report the results of evaluations of security measures for data processing.
dashboardReporting management
  • Simplified and structured reporting for the implementation of remediation actions.

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